Why Mozambique?


 Currently 100% of funds donated through Well Loved are being directed to programs in Mozambique, Africa


Mozambique is the 7th poorest country in the world

The statistics are stark: 14.8 million people have no clean water, and more than 21 million are without a safe place to go to the toilet.



Women and children make long, exhausting journeys to collect dirty water for their families. A lack of private toilets in schools causes many girls to leave when they start menstruating. Health centers are overcrowded and have inadequate sanitation. All of this leads to disease outbreaks:

7 of every 100 children die before turning five.


The primary activity is subsistence farming, based largely on agriculture. It’s nearly impossible to survive on agriculture without water.

68%of the population live below the poverty line

Access to clean water helps solve the many factors that perpetuate poverty - like nutrition, health, education, and being able to generate an income.

Many girls and boys living in Mozambique are smiling because of you. They finally have clean water to drink, safe latrines at home and school, and hand-washing stations nearby to keep clean and healthy. And, their families do, too. So, on their behalf and ours, we say, ‘Thank you.’